College Trip to Rishikesh, Haridwar & Rajaji National Park

When we were told we are going to Rajaji National Park, we were so disappointed as the entire batch wanted to go to Goa instead. However to our surprise this trip turned out to be quite adventurous!

The National park is quite famous for its Tiger Safari and It was fun looking for them in our Open Air Jeeps early in the morning in chilly weather!

college trip-7

In Haridwar, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset and prayers at the Har ki Pauri , the famous ghat on the banks of holy river Ganges. In Rishikesh we visited the famous Lakshman Jhoola and dined at the famous Chotiwala restaurant.

Chilling with friends all night, bonfire, playing Dumb charades and not listening to our principal who accompanied us on the trip are some of the fun memories I have from this trip!

college trip-2college trip-006

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