5 Tips To Help You Explore Rome

Can’t Wait for Your Roman holiday to begin? Following tips and Resources  help you to find your way in Rome and explore new attractions!

Image1) Know the place better!!  a Little reading about the history and background of the place you are visiting only helps and we are lucky to have google and wikipedia by our side!


2) Determining your Interests: It is always good to shortlist attractions on the basis of your interests and people who you are traveling with. This helps you in deciding your places of interest and you can look up there locations online and other interesting things to do in that area.

3) Print an Attractions Map! : Just google Attractions map and you will see a lot of great maps which will help you prepare for your trip.

4) Getting Around Rome :  It is well connected and you can either walk or use a public transport such as metro and the bus. Following link gives you a lot of info on that.


5) Rome Metro: I found the metro system quite easy and if you plan to travel around by metro, it would be a good idea to take a printout of the rome metro map in advance or get one at the station. Just make sure to know which are the places of your interest and which metro stations are nearby to those attractions. You can print the following map and mark them out.

Link : http://www.erasmus3.it/public/metroroma.gif

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