Milan Attractions


Getting around in Milan is Quite Simple with Milan Metro, bus, tram and trolleybus . You can download the map here. Tickets to get around the city and there prices can be found here.

First and Foremost determine the places of interest you would like to see. Here are some of the popular Milan Attractions:

1. Duomo Cathedral
2. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
3. Teatro alla scala
4. Golden Quadrilateral (Quadrilatero d’oro in Italian)
5. Sforza Castle
6. The Last Supper By Leonardo Da Vinci at Santa Maria delle Grazie
7. Navigli
8. Porta Ticinese
9. The Colonne di San Lorenzo

1. Get off at Duomo Metro Station. (M3 Yellow Line, M1 Red Line)

Once You come out you are greeted by the gorgeous Duomo Cathedral on your front. Piazza Del Duomo ( Duomo Plaza/ duomo Square) is the most famous Square in Milan and filled with tourists from all over the world. This area is filled with restaurants, cafes and shops ,you can spend couple of Hours here. Also , don’t forget to enjoy a cone or cup of Gelato – one of the most famous italian treats.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Left of Duomo lies the shopping mall  which is one of the oldest shopping mall in the world.  If you plan to buy higher end brands, you will love shopping here.

The Royal Palace of Milan

To the Right of Duomo is  Royal palace of Milan, which was the seat of government of the Italian city of Milan for many centuries, but today is an important cultural center, home to expositions and exhibitions.

If you are a fan of Opera, then check out the world renowned Opera house – Teatro Alla Scala which is just walking Distance away from this square.

2. Take the metro to Montenapolene Station (M3 Yellow Line)

Via Montenapolene ( Via means Street in Italian)

It is Milan’s most fashionable street. It also is the most important part of Milan’s Fashion District. Its an expensive shopping street with the most coveted high end designer boutiques.

Quadrilatero d’oro ( Golden Quadrilateral)

It is one of the most renowned fashion district in the world. It comprises of four prestigious streets of Milan connecting with each other in a way that it forms a quadrilateral. It comprises of Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni and Corso Venezia. This is home to the bouiques and retail outlets of the most renowned Fashion houses of the world. Versace, Chanel, Armani, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Dsquared, Gucci, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Hugo Boss, Kenzo etc

On your way back sip a cocktail or two at the Emporio Armani Cafe which is located very close to the Montenapolene metro station.

3.  Take the metro to Cadorna FN Station ( M1 Red Line)

Castello Sforzesco

Famous Castle in Milan built by the Duke of Milan in 15th Century over 14th century fortifications. in 16th and 17th century it was the biggest Citadels in Europe. Now, it houses several of the city’s museums and art collections

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Walking Distance from the Cadorna Station is Santa Marial Delle Grazie which is the church that contains the Mural of Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is recommended if you book your tickets in advance. They can be purchased online at and other resources.

3.  Take The Metro To Porta Genova F. S ( M2 Green Line)


Navigli is a historic district named after the famous canal which has two lanes of cafes & restaurants running parallel on either side of the canal.This is an amazing place for relaxing and pleasant evenings. Navigli district is not only popular among young crowd but also many jazz lovers. You will hear live music playing around the packed restaurants and patios. Prices here are much cheaper too than the rest of the city. You can find Aperitivo here which is a pre dinner drink followed by a buffet. If You buy a drink you basically get to eat free buffet. Yes it is for real! Aperitivo in Milan is loved by most foodies of the world.

Porta Ticinese

From Navigli you can walk to Porta Ticinese which is  former city gate of Milan. It is one of the landmark buildings of Milan and a popular tourist attraction. Walk to Colonne di San lorenzo just few minutes away.

Colonne Di San Lorenzo

Few Minutues aThis is a very cool place, one of my favorite places in Milan. Its a Square in front of Basilica of San Lorenzo. It is also known as the Roman Ruin. It consists of Columns on either side of the square. You will see groups of people sitting on the floor all over this place, people drinking in one corner and people performing or playing some kind of instruments. Basically a very chilled out place to sit and enjoy with friends.

Here is a Small Map :

Hope You Enjoyed This Post. Feel Free to Ask any Questions . More Cool Posts Coming up Soon, Till then Take Care!

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