Have you been in a situation where you can’t gather any words to describe something because it’s so beautiful? That is exactly how I feel right now when I am trying to pen down my thoughts on the magnificent Mykonos Island. From the pictures I saw on the Internet and photos of my friends, I was in no doubt that this place looked amazing, but stepping on the Greek sands simply left me speechless.

If you are planning a trip to Greece , here are a few things to know about Mykonos:
Psarou Beach
As I walked towards the Psarou beach, the gorgeous water of the Aegean Sea captivated me. The shades of blue and green and the clarity of the sea were mesmerizing; making it one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen.
Also known as the playground for the Elite, the beach was full of bronzed metro sexuals tanning away to glory & plastic beauties taking shameless Selfies. The beach is well equipped with a strip of Bars & Restaurants packed with locals and visitors from all over the world. One of the most popular restaurants on the beach is Nammos and it offers Hookah as well. Grab a sun-bed at any restaurant and you might find yourself lying next to some popular actor/actress or a famous celebrity. While I took a seat in one of the popular restaurants to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea, I found myself seated near a tall and tanned Indian cricketer, who was none other than Yuvraj Singh enjoying his vacation on the Island.
Mykonos Town
The capital of the island, Mykonos town is also known as Chora. It was packed with many tourists as it was mid July, one of the busiest season for the island. The architecture is stunning with small white washed houses with cute little balconies and blue painted doors and windows. As I walked down the narrow cobblestone pavement with white washed shops and restaurants on either side, I was surrounded with tourists lost in the beauty of the town, the aroma of the Mediterranean cuisine and the warm smiles of the Greek shopkeepers. It was like living a dream being in that place, as I had wanted to go there for quite sometime now.
Chora is great for shopping it offers souvenir shops, jewelry & clothing stores by local and International designers. The shopping is quite expensive as every store offers something unique and aims to make money off the rich tourists who are flooded on the island especially in this season. If you are looking for designers like Chanel, Linea Piu is the store for you, It carries Chanel, Tom ford and some other big designers and is done up in local Greek architecture.
Mediterranean Cuisine
Love Falafel, Hummus & Pita breads? What better place to eat them than on a Mediterranean Island itself. Being a Vegetarian, my taste buds didn’t feel out of place as Mediterranean cuisine offers a lot of Vegetarian options.
I thoroughly enjoyed Guacamole with tortilla chips, Tzatziki dip with Pita breads & Mezze Platters. If you are here in the evening, make sure to enjoy watching the sunset from a waterfront tavern.
Paradise Beach Parties
After Chora I made my way to Paradise beach, it took about 15 minutes to reach there by taxi, which was around 10 Euros. As the name suggests, it surely was a paradise for partygoers and nightlife lovers. It was packed with teenagers and students lined outside Cava Paradiso, one of the most popular clubs which has world renowned artistes like David guetta, Afrojack playing for them. This is the official party beach of the island and has a line of bars and pubs packed with people partying even during the daytime. Don’t go here if you are looking for a quiet beach day experience.
4-wheels motorbike is a new way of living for holidays in Mykonos island. It is the ideal Motorbike vehicle for tours & trips around Mykonos Island. It has Facilities such as Multi-indicator bike’ console, Clock, Back disc brake, self-starter motor, hand brake & halogen lighter. It is the quickest way to get around and so much fun, However if you are not an experienced rider its better to play it safe and go with taxi and bus transports as I came across a couple who had met with an accident on one of these bikes and had to spend the rest of there vacation in hospital. So its always better to be on the safe side.
One thing I can’t forget about Greece was there warmth and hospitality. They are one of the sweetest, polite and humble people I ever came across. From hotel staff to taxi drivers they were all just too sweet and helpful!
Planning a European Holiday? Visit Mykonos and get lost in the streets of Chora & enjoy the world known Mediterranean beaches. Every view is picture perfect and every corner has a potential for your next Instagram post!
Here’s the video from my trip:
Checkout more pictures from my travels on:

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