Haliburton Highlands and Dorset Trip

   We arrived at the beautiful Pinestone golf and conference resort around 11:30 am but our check in was not until 4 pm. The staff was very warm and gave us a free upgrade to there Villa. The property was rustic and we absolutely loved our villa which also had private parking.    Entrance  For lunch we went to the town of Haliburton. We ate at Highland restaurant and bar where we enjoyed some delicious Mexican food. We ordered Nachos , quesadillas and veggie wraps and finished off with apple crumble for dessert. This place is owned by an Indian family from Gujarat and the Staff was very friendly and welcoming.       Nachos at Highlander Restaurant After the delicious meal we drove to Dorset for the famous lookout tower and on the way we saw plenty of beautiful lakes each with a different name.       Beautiful lake views  We climbed the Dorset scenic lookout tower which took about 3-4 minutes and were greeted by the majestic view of the highlands. Incredible vistas full of lush greenery and bay of lakes , definitely a treat to the eyes. It would be a good idea to checkout this place in the fall but from what I hear it’s completely packed during that time.    Lookout tower   Top of Dorset lookout tower  After this incredible experience we drove through the town of Dorset which looked very cute. Restaurants by the lake, people boating and swimming , it was an ideal summer setting.  Grabbing some Timmies French vanilla we made way to out resort .it started raining so we  Relaxed and enjoyed our dinner at the resort itself.

View from the Villa   Veggie Pasta 

Paddle Boat The resort has 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, paddle boats and canoes. We ended up paddle boating on there private lake and enjoyed it thoroughly .       Pinestone Resort

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