Why I Loved Cleveland..

My Dad asked me what is Round, High and Round again? You guessed it right,the Answer is Ohio (O high O). It was my first time visiting the State of Ohio in U.S.A and I came back with some beautifl memories.

Here’s my list of things I saw in Cleveland and would definitely recommend for future visitors.

University Circle

This is a big university famous for the Cultural gardens. It had great landscape and some gorgeous architecture. This area was full of beautiful architecture and comprised a perfect mix of traditional and modern architecture.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Botanical Gardens, Western Reserve Historical Society,Cleveland institute of music etc. Glidden house was a warm and traditional looking hotel in this area that caught our attention. While walking in this area we were greeted by a rather warm and friendly area leader, Douglas Denny who gave us lots of helpful information about the area.

Botanical Gardens, Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Douglas Denny, Gothic Church, University Circle

Euclid Street Architecture

We were greeted by some gorgeous Gothic architecture on this street. Churches and other beautiful buildings on this street were breathtaking.

Playhouse Square

This was a cool square, which had a gigantic chandelier (like massive) in the middle of the square. They encouraged people to take Selfies with it and post them on social media. In the evening, we enjoyed live music at the square. The city is obviously big on music and you will hear different genres as you stroll by the city.

Playhouse Square
Playhouse Square

Colossal Cupcakes

I love cupcakes and this place had some divine delicious treats to dig in. I went for the red velvet cupcake (My all time favourite) and this was definitely one of the best cupcakes I have ever had. The girl at the store was very warm and friendly and the décor of this place is just too cute for words.

Inside the Colossal Cupcake store in downtown Cleveland
Inside the Colossal Cupcake store in downtown Cleveland

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The most popular attraction in Cleveland, the famous rock and roll hall of fame attracts tourists and music fans from all over the world. You can walk down the music memory lane and checkout evolution of music players (from Gramophone to IPod’s), glamorous outfits of the artistes and their personal belongings preserved in this historical museum. Elvis Presley, Elton John, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, J-Lo, Taylor Swift, Gaga and many many more…

Elvis's personal belongings, Beatles poster, Beatles drums, Elvis Outfit, Michael Jackson poster, Beyonce's Outfit from Dangerously in Love, Taylor Swift's Outfit
Elvis Presley’s personal belongings, Beatles poster, Beatles drum set, Elvis Outfit, Michael Jackson’s poster, Beyonce’s Outfit from Dangerously in Love, Taylor Swift’s Outfit, Rock and Roll Hall of fame building.

East 4th Street

East 4th Street is a buzzing street in downtown Cleveland full of restaurants, breweries and lounges. The patios decorated with colourful flora will make you feel you are on some European street. We enjoyed our lunch at House of Blues and dined at a Zocalo, a mexican lounge.

Zocalo, Mexican Platter, With my House of Blues Server
Outside Zocalo Restaurant, Flower pots on the street, Walking on East 4th ,House of Blues patio, Artwork, Athouse of blues, Mexican Platter,With my House of Blues Server

The Arcade

When I entered this shopping area, I was pleasantly surprised by the elegance of this shopping complex. The European old world charm, the rich materials, every detail was simply exquisite.

The Arcade
The Arcade

Theres so much more to Cleveland and i will be writing more…

Thank you for taking out time to read about my experience of this city.

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