Swarovski x CAFA Nominee Dinner for Garéma

I was first introduced to #Swarovski almost 20 years ago when my little sister ( @aeteedesigns ) bought her very first Swarovski crystals to iron them onto her jeans and she was super excited and I was amazed by how cool that was. Today , I am so blessed and honoured to have been recognised by Swarovski as one of the CAFA nominees and grateful for the magical dinner they hosted for us prior to to the awards gala. Thank you @nadja.swarovski for the encouragement and support you give to Young designers like me. Thank you Team @Swarovski you guys were so friendly and warm and it has been a pleasure to be associated with you. Thank you @cafawards @vickymilner6 @brittneykuczynski for an amazing experience. To many more adventures like these 🍷 @swarovski @casidecastros @camilla_mdb @swarovskiindia @garemaofficial
#Swarovski #Cafa2017 #Garéma Watch the Video here:

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