It’s Your Time Now…

Do you look at someone else’s picture or Video or Career highlights and think to yourself that Oh, I wanted to be that person too long time ago? Do you think about those childhood dreams of being a cook, a guitarist, a flight attendant, a makeup artiste, an actress, a model or a ballet dancer even?

As we grow old, we get caught in a web of worldly activities and we tend to ignore the inner voice of passion in our hearts and minds that tells us to do something that excites us and be someone we really want to be. This is quite unfair don’t you think ? We should really listen to that voice and follow its advice and follow our dreams because it is never too late. Time is flying and the world will remain the same while you age and get old day by day, so why not make the most of this moment? Open the online store you have been planning to for a long time, take those guitar lessons, learn to cook those Italian dishes you love, learn how to speak Spanish, go play in the mud or dance in the rain, just do what you really have been wanting to do, let that inner child come out and play. Time does not stop for anyone so Live your dreams now, the time you have been waiting for is NOW.

Videos from Travellinginstyle:

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