The Instagram Filter on my Life

As I scroll through my instagram, constantly refreshing the page to see the latest and most unique posts on my news feed, I realize how hard it is to keep up with the changing times and fast fashion and even faster changing trends. It is overwhelming sometimes to see so much fresh and unique content in a span of few seconds. Every image seems to be picture perfect, right out of a professional photoshoot. It’s all about the numbers- the number of followers, likes or views on instagram. The world speaks one language at the moment i.e. the language of hashtags ###.  There is a fight that every one’s fighting, the fight to be the best instagrammer in their community, friend circle, school or office and they don’t even realize it.

I am also a prey to this situation where I find myself trying to find relevant and fresh content to post everyday for my followers. I eat, sleep , drink Instagram I think, the media is a bit overwhelming sometimes but nevertheless I love and enjoy posting about life, travel, events, fashion & beauty. There are days when I ask myself, Is this ever going to be worth it? What am I really trying to do? Who am I really talking to? What is it that I do makes me different ? Do people really care about what I want to share?  In the midst of so many bloggers and influencers around the world, how do I get my voice out there and what I want to share is it really relevant? and most importantly sometimes I even ask myself What is it that I want to share with the world and what not?

I am not sure how healthy or unhealthy it is for me but I love being on Instagram and constantly sharing images of my life with my family, friends and followers. The instagram app has definitely taken over my life for now, whatever the future maybe I am enjoying it for now! Which app takes most of your time in the day? Do share your comments below.

Thank you for reading.


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