Lotpot Ki Chaat at Bhai’s Indian Canteen

For those of you know me , know that I am a Vegetarian and also that I am a foodie! Well living in Dilli if you’re not a foodie then shame on you! Making adjustments in your life after moving to a new country is fine but making adjustments to your tastebuds is not! Thankfully Toronto has many great restaurants that promise to keep up to the desi flavours. One such new restaurant in town is Bhai’s Indian Canteen which opened few months back. Now the reason I loved this place more is because its pure Vegetarian and offers some amazing Vegetarian street food with great presentation.

Living in Delhi, most of us love Momos and since the time I came here I was searcing for a place with Vegetarian momos and when I saw it on their menu, the inner foodie in me was doing Bhangra quite literally. Unfortunately they were out of them for the night so I didn’t get to try them! But I absolutely enjoyed their Lotpot ki Chaat , Choley Bhature and Masala Biryani.  Lotpot Ki Chaat being 4.5/5, Biryani – 3.5/5 & Choley Bhaturey 3.5/5.  Overall I would rate this place 3.5/5 and would definitely recommend it to all Vegetarians and street food lovers. The cutest thing was the saunf served in n extra extra mini pressure cooker !

Here is a glimpse of their menu from the website:

Bhai's Indian Canteen -1.png

Bhai's Indian Canteen -2.png

and some of my food photos:

Lotpot Ki Chaat at Bhai's Indian Canteen
Lotpot Ki Chaat
Choley Bhature at Bhai's Indian Canteen
Choley Bhature
Masala Biryani
Masala Biryani

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