I entered TFI as a designer & came out as an Entrepreneur

I launched my handbag label “Garéma” in the fall of 2015, as a new Canadian resident I had limited understanding of the Canadian fashion market and restricted access to information.  Fashion Your Future (FYF), an extensive accessory business boot camp program, developed by the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s (TFI), opened up a world of resources to me. The 23-day course provided me with a strong foundation and understanding on how to develop a business and create a unique brand identity.

The FYF program introduced me to industry professionals that helped me understand crucial business areas such as branding, packaging, E-marketing, Import-Export Laws, Social media, marketing tools, Public relations and more. Due to this knowledge I was able to re-structure my e-commerce website to create a more professional look & develop a comprehensive pricing model.

The TFIFYF program played a prolific role in my business development, through this program I have been able to connect with notable stylists, designers, celebrities, buyers, showroom owners and fashion influencers .

Most importantly Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) has created a space where aspiring designers can come and access tools to help them become Entrepreneurs.
The Toronto Fashion Incubator helped me translate my passion into a proprietorship.
Through the recommendation of a TFI mentor, Patricia,  I was also interviewed on City TV news, the report was centered on the development of my brand and the interest shown by Sophie Trudeau. The program has infused me with optimism and confidence that I am a part of an organization that will continue to assist me in fostering my brand and growing my business.

Within the short time that I have been a part of TFI I have noticed a remarkable increase in sales.

I would also like to add that TFI’s executive director Susan Langdon’s constant support, encouragement and direction for the FYF students was beyond belief. Never have I ever come across an organization where people go above and beyond to help nurture and support students to develop the needed entrepreneur skills. Susan Langdon has been a strong inspiration for her students and her motivation has helped create a new generation of fashion entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this program for young
aspiring entrepreneurs. Words can’t do justice to show my gratitude and appreciation towards this absolutely amazing program that has completely restructured my business model. I was just a designer at the beginning of this program with an e-commerce store but this program has made me into a well rounded entrepreneur by adding so many feathers to my hat.


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